Dreamland snow by Frank Leppard

Snow means gleeful joy for some while others react in horror. Here are your pics, links, and comments about the Thanet snow.

Mixed reaction to Thanet Snow

It’s not all whiteness and joy here in Thanet. Trains have been cancelled, buses may not be active on all routes, schools have been closed and bin collections may have been delayed which is nothing compared to the pain of being homeless in this weather. Fortunately, the Thanet Winter shelter project has extended operation until the weather improves.

If you are staying warm at home or out playing in the snow spare a thought for our brave lifeboat crews who never stop being ready to save lives.

Kids love it

St Laurence Church of England Junior Academy has posted a video of their children playing in the snow. Everywhere people are sharing pictures of children enjoying the snow. Oh, to be young again.

Images in the above Gallery are courtesy of Jake, Micah, Aitch, and Shaz.

Pets are less sure

While I’ve seen plenty of pictures of dogs playing happily in the snow, not all of your pets were impressed with the Thanet Snow. Ben, the Bay Tree Hotel dog, seemed a little unsure.

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Ben on the Eastern Esplanade outside The Bay Tree

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If you have some happy pets in the snow pictures from around Thanet, I’d love to be able to share them.

Snow photo opportunity

There is something about snow that makes us all want to take pictures. After all, when you don’t have to be outside it does look very pretty. Tags us, tweet us, or post in our forum if you have a snow picture you would like us to share.

Our cover photo is of Dreamland under the snow by Frank Leppard. It looks like a winter wonderland. Thank you, Frank, for letting me share this picture. It might just be my favourite snow image of the year.

Dreamland snow by Frank Leppard

You’ve been tweeting and sharing pictures of the snow. Here are some that I felt I had to share.

How do you feel?

For me, this one witty caption perfectly summed up Thanet’s reaction to the snow.