snow lady

Since we published a collection of your best snow pics, you’ve just kept them coming. So here are even more of your amazing snow pictures.

Perfect weather for snowmen

Who here can resist building a snowman? Not our readers, that’s for sure. You’ve been building amazing snowmen and we have the pictures to prove it.

Who can think about homework when there is snow out there? Not young Olivia who built this handsome snowman.

Snow Ladies too

Then there was a local guitar teacher, Stew, who built a snow woman. (The one featured at the top of this post).

This snow lady was shared with us by Frank Leppard.

snow lady

Winter is the king of showmen…

Margate in the snow

Currently, our beaches are brilliant white. As this shot of Margate beach in the snow shows.

This shot of Arlington house rising from the snow was taken by Dan Thompson. All I can say is that it looks very cold on the beach and I am glad that I am looking at pictures rather than standing there.


Margate in the snow

Broadstairs in the snow

Everywhere looks crisp and clean as this shot from Broadstairs shows.

Talking of Broadstairs, this beautiful image was captured by the owners of the Bay Tree Hotel in Broadstairs. Talking of the Bay Tree Hotel, they recently announced a new head chef. When the snow clears, I highly recommend you go and give their restaurant a try.

Ramsgate in the snow

Keith Ross managed to take a whole collection of amazing shots of Ramsgate Harbour under the snow.

Keith has been a busy fellow because here is another marvellous shot.

If you take them, we’ll share them

Keep them coming and we will keep sharing your wonderful snow pictures from around the Thanet area. Stay safe out there and enjoy the snow while it lasts.