Ramsgate Marina By Craig Bass

When I was taking a wild guess at the year ahead, who could have predicted that the power that be would do something so sarreal and improbable that it soundly beat my silliest ideas?

Just like Seaborne Freight, Thanet Star has no ships and no history of running them. I’d be happy to get £14m in cash to give it a go though. Where’s my money?

If it looks corrupt…

Apparently this was the result of a careful vetting process. If you will believe that then I have a non-existent bridge to sell you.

Buying Brexit?

What no one has said, that I know of, is that the £102.9m put up for three companies to run ferry services in the event of a no-deal Brexit are effectively being incentivised to support a no-deal Brexit.

Seaborne’s COO Glenn Dudley was quoted as saying “For us, the harder the Brexit the better”.

Which magic money tree did this pot of gold come from, exactly? If the government can fund a service now that no-deal Brexit (the one no one really wanted) looks set to happen, why could they not have done so years ago?

If you ask me, it seems like an increasingly desperate Tory party are trying to buy Brexit, one company at a time. Should they succeed, taxpayers will be footing the bill for a long time to come.

By all accounts, we could still foot the bill as some of those companies (not Seaborne Freight) are set to get paid something regardless.

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