Manston airport

The public has spoken, people want Manston to remain an airport.

Manston AirportAfter the vote on the Local Plan hinged so heavily on the Manston issue, we conducted a poll to see if people really wanted Manston to be an airport. The answer was an overwhelming yes.

We asked if people thought Manston should stay as an airport or would be better off as houses. Approximately 1500 people responded to our poll with 83% voting in favour of keeping Manston as an airport.

Despite our poll being shared into groups specifically campaigning against the airport, only a minority of people said houses were the right choice.

Who supports houses?

Going only by the comments people left, it seems that there are only two types of people vocally supporting the building of houses on the airport: Those that hate aeroplanes and those that stand to make money from the houses.

Who supports airport?

It seems that people from all walks of life in Thanet are in favour of Manston remaining an airport. With the apparent exception of UKIP and Labour.

It is safe to say that the people have, in this case, spoken and the people want an active airport. The question is, are the politicians listening?

3 thoughts on “Public overwhelming in favour of Manston as an airport”

  1. UKIP are in favour of an Airport,just not all of them
    It was only labour which totally voted against the Airport

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