Welcome to a reimagined Thanet Star. You might notice that we are not flying under our domain name – that’s because we are still in the process of importing our archives and moving things around. However, after thinking about things for a while, we realised that it was more important to get things published than to wait to get technical stuff finished. That will come later.

What’s new with this version Thanet Star?

Open to contributions

By moving to this new platform we can finally open up the contribution process to anyone who wishes to offer us an article.

This is a big change that I’ve been wanting to implement¬†for a few years. While NucleusCMS offered a lot of things (it is speedy and light) this was not something that would be easy to make happen. WordPress (provided by Author Buzz UK) is a bit beefier but I think Thanet Star has grown to the point that it needs the added power.

New Look

It was well and truly time to give Thanet Star a new look. While I have no doubt that there will be revisions and customisations needed, this clean new look should help keep things focused on what matters Рthe stories themselves. After all, a site like this is only as good as the content it carries.

Comment moderation

It cannot have escaped your attention that the old build of Thanet Star gets a lot of spam. This new platform has a much better moderation workflow. If you comment regularly you will find that your comments are published right away while new commenters will have to wait a few hours.

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