When I started the transition from NucleusCMS to Author Buzz I thought I would be done by now it is harder than it looked.

I think you can see that I am not.

It turns out that moving over ten years of blog from one platform to another platform is a lot of work. So far, I have identified what I need to do. I even have a sort of, kind of, very vague idea how to do it.

The truth is I have a lot more to teach myself. Until I get my head around it all that is going to stop my writing as much as I want to. I admit that the task is harder than I had hoped but not as bad as I feared.

You are welcome to chip in with news leads, opinions, photographs, or just chat with me in our forum. If you want to write for Thanet Star all you need to do is get yourself over to our Author Buzz group and hit join. After that, you can submit something for publication any time you want. Right now, that would really help me out.

Well, now you know the state of play. Like British Rail, I’m getting there (slowly). Unlike Brexit, I knew what I was letting myself in for and it will be worth it.

Be back soon.