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If you like your Thanet news short and snappy with lots of pictures and occasional irrelevancies, then Tumblr might be for you.

Tumblr iconYou are unlikely to find any really in-depth debates (yet) but you will find us, Thanet Star, there.

On The Thanet Star Tumblr, you will also find:

  • Shared photos of the beauty of Thanet
  • New links
  • Updates when we post a here
  • Discussion questions you can join in with
  • Interesting links
  • Ideas that might become blog posts later
  • The option to share stuff with us (that we can blog about)
  • Links to posts from other local blogs
  • Did we mention the art?

The primary advantages of Tumblr are that you are not filtered like on Facebook and it is more flexible than Twitter.

If you are ready to explore Tumblr, join us there.