The Thanet UKIP party has continued to implode following the wholesale rebellion by members over the Local Plan.

According to the Isle of Thanet News, Twelve UKIP councillors have called for the immediate resignation of the current leader and ex-Tory Chris Wells.

Thanet UKIP currently controls the unpopular district council. How long they can hold on to that control is questionable.

It is unknown if the UKIP members plan to replace their leader or if the rebels will leave the party and form an independent group. If the twelve leave then the Conservatives will be the largest minority party in the council.

14 UKIP councillors demand Wells resign

By all accounts, Wells was asked to step down but has, so far, refused to face reality.

According to the Isle of Thanet News, only 10 UKIP councillors are thought to still support Wells. This is unlikely to be enough to keep him in power.

Kent Online report:

It is understood that Mr Wells was faced with a demand to go by a delegation headed by Rev Stuart Piper at a meeting on Monday.

He has declined to relinquish the role but could now face a vote of no confidence from his own group.

For now, at least, Wells continues to cling to power. How much longer will he be the face of Thanet UKIP?

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