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The heavily right-wing district council has, we have learned, slashed the Margate tourism budget.

According to a Facebook update from Labour councillor, Iris Johnston, UKIP and conservative have unanimously agreed to slash £429,000 of funding in support of tourism in Margate. Hardest hit will be the Winter Gardens and Margate events. There has been no word yet what this tourism budget will be spent on instead.

Iris Johnston described the move as, “foolhardy in a ward that depends on tourism.” She added, “No doubt if the Winter garden closes everyone will all be shocked!”

Sitting in the Council chamber appalled that UKIP, TORIES AND others apart from Labour Members voting to remove funding from three major supports for tourism in ourMargate Central ward. 15k floral arrangements, 64k from Margate events and 350k from the Winter Gardens. Foolhardy in a ward that depends on tourism. I also raised the failure to include the projects at Churchfields and Meeting Court and to allocate funds. No doubt if the Winter garden closes everyone will all be shocked!

Margate Winter Gardens and UKIP

The UKIP led council has in the last few hours, voted to cut funding from the Winter Gardens by £350,000 a year.

One has to wonder if this cut has anything to do with a potential feud that UKIP might be pursuing. UKIP’s North Thanet candidate, Piers Wauchope, was very vocal in his criticism of The Winter Gardens. Wauchope called the venue “unkempt” and accused the council of running it down.

UKIP’s candidate went on to said, “the condition of the Winter Gardens is tired, unkempt and needs a good lick of paint and a general clean up. Once it was the pride of Margate but Thanet District Council (TDC) seems intent on running it down.”

Much like their turn around on Manston, this seems to be another issue UKIP have done the opposite of what they have said with.

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