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Activist, Rob Yates, who put up a “Block Brexit” sign across the windows of his Arlington House flat faces eviction if he does not take it down.

The BBC reported four days ago that Yates could be faced with homelessness over his campaign. Reportedly, Yates is refusing to take down the sign because he says that it is “too important”.

Yates’ landlord is Freshwater who – having no dog in this fight at all (so they say) – have taken a stance against his campaign. Right…

According to Kent Live, Yates is not too bothered as no one in Thanet has complained about the sign. The only ones who seem upset are the out of area landlords.

What makes me chuckle (albeit ironically) is that a Freshwater spokesperson complained that the sign was “an eyesore”. How did he manage that with a straight face? The sign hangs in the windows of Arlington House; inarguably Thanet’s ugliest building. If anything, the sign distracts from the eyesore of a tower block. It’s hard to see how it could possibly make it any worse.

The sign, which spells out “BLOCKBREX.IT” doubles as a web link. The site at is an amusing browser-based game with a strong political message. The message is that we need to rethink leaving the EU. That’s not a coincidence. The site – designed by – was created to go with the “art installation”.

What’s next for the Block Brexit campaign?

The thing about evictions is that they take time. They also cannot happen without a good reason. It looks like Rob Yates is quite happy to wait to see what grounds Freshwater can cook up before he makes a decision.

Given the strength of feeling that the topic of Brexit has roused and the invested effort in this art project, this is far from the end of the road. I would not be entirely surprised to hear that this issue has been taken to court. Only time will tell.

block brexit

2 thoughts on “Block Brexit sign could lead to eviction (maybe)”

  1. I live in Arlington House and am seriously thinking of putting in my window “BAD LOSER”. If I lived in the flat above the message would be even shorter “DON’T”.

    1. I get the impression that you believe that once a vote is cast, we should stick by it for all time. In which case, why do we have elections every four to five years?

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