Henry Bolton
Henry Bolton

As the UKIP implode continues apace, it’s leaders show they don’t practice what they preach.

The most recent UKIP leader, Henry Bolton, who has likewise resisted calls for his own exit has called on Thanet’s UKIP leader to quit.

Do as I say, not as I do

Henry Bolton’s calls for Chris Wells to leave, while popular, strikes me as an example of throwing stones while living in a glass house. The calls would carry a lot more weight if, on this issue, Bolton could in any way claim to practice what he preaches.

Henry Bolton (the one with the mid-life crisis girlfriend) joined the rebel UKIP councillors in demanding a swift exit from Wells. According to the BBC, he said that Wells had “contradicted the platform on which he stood for election” and “failed the people of Thanet”.

Wells, like Bolton, has refused to resign calling the rebel UKIP councillors “disgraceful”. Because if there is one thing we can trust UKIP for and that is holding on to power like grim death.

Cause of the fight

chris-wells-ukipThe dispute started when Wells tried to strong arm his UKIP recruits into voting for an unpopular Local Plan. That went about as well as you’d imagine.

The rebels, that now outnumber Wells’ supporters, demanded his exit from the District Council leadership position.

This fight will likely do nothing to improve the public perception of the council.

The sticking point of the vote was the change of use for Manston airport. The airport has massive public support for remaining in aviation use. Meanwhile, UKIP, Labour, and a few developers would like to see it turned into houses.

UKIP, showing they cannot practice what they preach, took power in Thanet on the back of promises to support Manston as an airport. Within months of taking power, they changed their mind.

Only time will tell how long the Thanet UKIP implosion will continue.