Each year I like to take a look at the year ahead and make a few wild guesses as to what will happen. These are my guesses for 2019.

The year that was 2018 has hardly been a great one. Unless you happen to be a rich sort that bet against the UK in the markets – those guys made a lot of money. Nevertheless, let the wild mass guessing begin.


When it comes to predicting what will happen with regards to Brexit, you’d have to be a time traveller or something. My personal suspicion is that the exit date will be pushed back at least once but probably more than that.

Whatever the outcome, no one will be happy with it.

Almost certainly will happen: Brexit will hit deadlock while we all deal with rising prices and ongoing uncertainty. Either a general election or a second referendum will be used to break the deadlock.

Might happen: The PM makes a series of statements that leave the vast majority of us wondering what planet she lives on.

Never going to happen: Roger Gale stands as candidates for Prime Minister but is beaten by Boris Johnson.

Thanet District Council

This May we are scheduled to have another round of elections for our council. After an embarrassing innings for UKIP, the chances are we are going to see some changes this time around.

Will definitely happen because it always happens: The council elections will largely reflect national voting intentions insofar as a protest vote can reflect anything. The issues that inform the results of the district election will all be national ones. Brexit, mostly.

Almost certainly will happen: Labour will campaign very hard to regain wards where they traditionally win. They will probably win those. UKIP will lose most of their seats with all parties dividing the spoils. whoever has overall control will probably miss the opportunity to investigate what UKIP got up to and the whole episode will be brushed under the carpet.

Might happen: The council is split between Labour and Conservatives with whatever is left of UKIP along with a spattering of Independents, Green, and Lib-Dem councillors holding the balance of power. The Conservatives will probably try to do a deal with UKIP for power while Labour tries to win the support of the other parties.

Never going to happen: An evidence led council leadership emerges that looks to the facts to inform decisions. They call in experts to help form policy and start listening to what the local people actually want. As a result, the council suddenly becomes efficient and fit for purpose.


Almost certainly will happen: A lot of noise but nothing actually happens. The current landowners start legal wranglings to get their own way with it looking increasingly as if the council will simply cave in and give them what they want.

Might happen: Some fine sounding plans will be tabled and then forgotten about.

Never going to happen: A businessman with lots of cash to burn takes a look at Brexit and thinks, Manston would be a great place to invest in an airport. The rate that businesses are running away from this country, none of the options look too sound right now.

Port Ramsgate

Goodness only knows how many years our council have been trying to set up a ferry service in Ramsgate. What are the odds they might make progress in 2019?

Almost certainly will happen: The embarrassing cost of failing to do anything with the port will be blamed on whoever is holding that hot potato when the accounts are published. There will be a lot of talk but nothing will ever get finalised.

Might happen: Someone the public has never heard off will be given the sack which will make no difference whatsoever.

Never going to happen: A businessman with lots of cash to burn takes a look at Brexit and thinks, “golly, Ramsgate would be a great place to invest my cash right now. I must start a ferry service to that prime location.”

Thanet Blogging

Thanet blogging used to be the place where things got talked about. These days the bloggers either have got a job working for the newspapers, are run by people that used to work for the newspapers, or just have better things to do.

Almost certainly will happen: There will definitely be a flurry of blog posts come the election. They will mostly be reminders of how Labour, Conservative, and UKIP have all had a try and failed.

Might happen: An interesting new blog will start with something to say. It will develop quite a following.

Never going to happen: A single well written blog post changes the voting landscape forever. As a result people start voting for councillors that do work rather than whatever party they feel like they would vote for nationally.

Over to you

What are your predictions for 2019? Do you agree with my guesses? Let me know in the comments.

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