How is Thanet going to cope with post Brexit food shortages?

Let’s be honest,our local infrastructure and governance struggle to cope with rubbish collection and road maintenance. How are we going to cope with getting food onto the tables of hungry people?

According to a report in the Guardian 4 months ago, Britain will run out of food by the 7th of August 2019 under a no deal Brexit. I’m not wholly surprised by this. I reported years ago that Thanet of all parts of Kent was the least self-sufficient. (I’d link to the article but we’re still transitioning from the old system and that article is not available just currently.)

It is alarming enough that food bank usage has shot up in the area. But what happens when both the shops and the food banks run out of food?

It is not just the Guardian scaremongering for a remain result, the Financial Times, The Standard, Wired, and The BBC have said similar things.

Without the most robust plan the area has ever implemented in its history, the only way for us to avoid food shortages and the sort of rioting that go with them would be a lengthy delay or cancellation of Brexit.

The fact of the matter is, Thanet does not have a Brexit survival plan.

The current best option may be to learn French and emigrate before the term “British Refugees” becomes commonplace.

Surely there has to be a more rational solution than a headlong plunge into something so broken?

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