Thanet Star has been online for just under eleven years. We launched in December 2007 and this Christmas we saw our tenth Birthday.

Instead of celebrating we made plans for the next ten years. Those plans include a move to a new platform which is now underway.

Due to the many years of dust (and custom updates), the translation is going to take some time. For now, we are going to try and make do with this nice free Author Buzz UK URL but as soon as the archives have been moved over, we will switch back to using our proper domain name.

It is a pretty interesting time to get back into the swing of local blogging. Not just because a certain ex-tory (now UKIP) counsellor that has been consistently rude to us (and often grossly mistaken) may finally be about to tumble out of local politics in disgrace.

I’m looking forward to once more holding up the magnifying glass to local politics, journalism, and interesting events. Things have changed somewhat in the Thanet blogging space. Most prominently, the rise of The Isle of Thanet News blog.

Eleven years is a good age for a blog. I hope I can make this year our best year yet.