Fraud Alert

Please do not let yourself become the victim of scam technical support scam calls.

Over the last few days, I have received five such calls. It looks like they may be working their way through Thanet residents again.

The aim of the scam is to intimidate you into handing over your bank details to pay for technical support. However, all you will get is heartache as they empty your bank accounts and put trojan viruses onto your computer.

If someone calls from any company claiming you have a virus, it is a scam. An earlier version of this scam claimed to be from Microsoft but this latest version was claiming to be from BT Internet.

If you get such a call you should hang up and contact the police fraud action line.

For most people, the best advice is to hang up. Me, I like to mess with them and see how long I can keep them talking. Like this Make Use of writer, I neglected to tell them that I use Linux. This allowed me to waste their time for 21 minutes as they tried not to swear at me while trying to guess why nothing was working. My all-time best was just over an hour. My favourite was the time I talked the caller into quitting and getting a more moral job.