Thanet Star is now open to self-posted contributions from the public. Our policies have not changed, however.

Suitable Topics for Thanet Star

  • News that is in any way connected to Thanet
  • Local politics
  • Opinion (known as an “editorial”)
  • Good news
  • Reviews of local establishments
  • Local sports reports
  • Events – especially photographs of events
  • Articles about our history
  • Freedom of information requests
  • Investigative journalism
  • Interesting stories about local people

How to submit a contribution

To submit a contribution to Thanet Star you will need an Author Buzz UK or WordPress account. Both are free. Once you are signed in to Author Buzz UK, you can request contributor status. Once you are set up as a contributor, you may write whenever you wish.

Contributions are reviewed by an active editor before publication. Accepted contributions will be scheduled for publication by the editor.

Writing for Thanet Star and your rights

Writing for Thanet Star is positively encouraged. When you write for us, you retain full copyright to your work but grant to us a worldwide, non-revokable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, license to display the article. This license shall extend to all reasonable forms of display and storage as needed to run this site, including but not limited to XML feeds, HTML, and database storage, and distribution. We reserve the right to make edits in line with any current or future editorial policy. Additionally, you grant us a minimum of six months exclusive use of the submitted material from the date of publication. No part of this agreement forms a contract of employment or any formal relationship. You retain the right to be recognised as the author of the work and retain all other moral rights not covered by the grant of license. Submission of an article for publication shall be taken as agreement to these terms.