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Teddy enjoying Ellington Park , Ramsgate

Goodbye snow

The snow has finally gone and, hopefully, all we have are happy memories.

Here are a few more of your pictures of Thanet’s snow. Our cover pic is of Teddy enjoying the snow in Ellington Park, Ramsgate. The picture was submitted by Teddy’s owner Beverley who tells us that Teddy had a really good time playing in the snow.

All of your snow pictures

Rather than looking back over our other posts of snow, here are all the pictures you shared directly with us in one gallery.

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Snowy Beaches

Just a reminder that our beaches were covered with snow before they were covered in starfish.

Snowy Buildings and Frank Leppard’s amazing photographs

Lots of amazing photographs of the snow came from local photographer Frank Leppard. You can see more of his art on his Twitter account. I’d like to take a moment to thank Frank for sharing his work with us and giving Thanet Star permission to share some amazing images. Thank you, Frank – you are a star.

Keep sharing your pictures

Should you see anything interesting around Thanet and take a picture, please do share it with us so we can show everyone. You can contact us via our Facebook page or by our Twitter account. Facebook usually gets a faster reply as Twitter can be a bit noisy sometimes. Alternatively, leave us a message in our forum.

Update: There is another gallery of snow pictures on the Bay Tree Hotel blog.

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