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Is Thanet Sexist?

Is Thanet incurably sexist? Almost all parts of public life are dominated by men with women relative rarity. Why is that?

Is Thanet blogging sexist?

The national gender bias in publishing seems to extend to local blogging too.

Take, for example, The Isle of Thanet News. Written by Kathy Bailes, this blog is possibly one of the most important voices in Thanet right now. Taking a look at the opinion page I see 80% of the opinion pieces are written by men. Why are female writers in such a minority?

In all of the Thanet blogs (that is, blogs about Thanet) I cannot think of any other blog that is not written by a man. Why is that?

It is not because people do not enjoy reading what women write. When Illisia did a stint writing for Thanet Star, her work was among our most popular.

Is Thanet politics sexist?

According to our count, 21 of the 56 councillors are women. As many people admit to voting based only on the party in local elections, this disparity can only be due to biased selection by the parties in power.

In the cabinet, only one post is held by a woman. That’s even more unbalanced that the council as a whole. A situation that is down solely to the current UKIP leader’s choices.

In 2014 the Independent ran a story about a culture of secrecy and sexism at Thanet District Council. According to the article, “sexist and racist remarks are often made in public by councillors”.

Just last year, Thanet North MP, Sir Roger Gale, was accused of sexism for calling his female staff, “girls”.

Is Thanet’s sport sexist?

The BBC reported, last year, that a woman from Thanet was turned down for a Kent football coaching position over her gender.

Vikki Childs, who lives in Margate, applied for the role of goalkeeper coach but was told, “Sorry, looking for a guy really mate.”

A link between sexism and abuse?

In an article about school workshops run by a Margate charity to tackle issues of grooming and consent, The Isle of Thanet News reported some shocking facts about Thanet. They wrote, “Thanet has the highest number of domestic abuse incidents in Kent and the most reported rape cases in east Kent” (emphasis, mine).

Nationally, half of all girls and women report being sexually harassed on the streets.

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