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Are council failing on rubbish collection?

Members of the public have taken to Twitter to complain about Thanet District Council’s ongoing failure to collect rubbish.

Frustrated that the council have left used nappies, tampons, and rotting food in the streets for weeks at a time, locals have taken to Twitter to complain. One user claims that the council have left a used nappy laying in the street for two months.

In December of last year, Kent Live reported that it took Thanet District Council up to five weeks to collect rubbish from one location in Ramsgate.

overfull binsA spokesman for Thanet District Council allegedly said: “Thanet District Council has been working hard to resolve a problem with bin collections at this location which is a privately owned road.”

One has to wonder how hard they have been working when locals claim this has been an ongoing problem for more than two years.

Blocked roads

The council have, according to the report blamed inconsiderate drivers for blocking access. However, locals report that refuse collectors sometimes skip the road just because it is a challenging place to drive a lorry.

Obviously, if the roads are being consistently blocked this is a hazard warranting immediate attention. Roads that cannot be accessed by fire and ambulance services could put lives at risk.

The council has powers to restrict parking. Thanet District Council has in the past worked with KCC to make changes to roads for public safety. Again, one has to wonder why they have been dragging their feet.

Could it be those road blockages are just an excuse?

A wider rubbish problem

When I checked fixmystreet.com today, I found 253 open complaints about rubbish and bins for Thanet. Most of these problems are in Ramsgate.

It certainly looks to me like there might be a wider problem with rubbish collection.

Failure to collect the rubbish might not be the only issue for Thanet District Council’s rubbish collection. It has been alleged in the press that the recycling system is just “one big con” with recycling and other waste being treated indiscriminately.

How to report missed rubbish collections

Your first port of call should be the missed bin form on the council’s website. There you can alert council services to a missed bin collection. However, please note that you have a limited time to report a missed collection.

We will only collect your missed bin if it is reported before the end of next working day after your collection was due. If it is reported after this time we will not be back to collect your bin before your next collection date.

If you feel that this is not working you can also make a complaint to the council. Details of how to do that are found here.

If that does not work, you may like to try Fix My Street and make a public note of the problem. Or you could post photos on Twitter and hope to embarrass the council into action.

Seriously though, a better option might be to first write to your local councillor about the problem and make it clear that your vote will be influenced by what they do next. We would be very interested to hear from you which councillors actually do anything for their wards.

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