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GEEK 2018

Photos from GEEK 2018

The Game Expo East Kent – GEEK – took place at Dreamland this weekend. Here are some photos of the event and a hint of the coverage to come.

Each year, GEEK has attracted thousands of game enthusiasts young and old; both those looking to try the latest thing as well as those wanting to indulge their nostalgia for childhood consoles.

Youtube, photographs, and the Geeketeers

I was at GEEK with youtube outfit The Geeketeers which is headed up by occasional Thanet Star contributor Illisa Adams. You can follow the Geeketeers on Twitter @GeeketeersHQ, where there should be a lot more coverage in the coming days.

While at GEEK I took well over a thousand pictures. It is going to take a little while to sort through them all. Mostly because I was not well enough to sensibly attempt to do all that and I need to recover. Consider this a sneak preview as I get better again and work my way through a lot of images.

I have to thank Jon without whose personal assistance I would have been unable to do as much as I did.

I’d also like to offer my own congratulations to the winners of the cosplay masquerade. All those costumes were amazing. If you missed the little baby dressed up as R2D2, you missed out.

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