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How Thanet’s blogs can help your business

You may be aware of Thanet’s blogs but did you also know that there is a way they can be beneficial to your business?

Thanet has a lot of blogs. Some are news-oriented like Thanet Star or The Isle of Thanet News. Others focus on the arts like Thanet Creative. The point is that there are people writing about different topics and people are listening.

If you run an independent business, are holding some sort of public event, or really have anything remotely interesting to promote, then you could benefit from journalistic coverage from Thanet’s blogs. I’m going to tell you how to get that coverage.

The secret no one tells you about us bloggers

Most of Thanet’s blogs are written by one or two enthusiasts. Usually, for free. A few attempt to earn money from advert revenue but, for most of Thanet’s bloggers, their blog is a part-time project.

In the short amount of time that they have to work on a blog, a blogger is constantly searching for interesting topics to write about. The post that you see represents the tip of the iceberg in terms of time spent working on a blog.

All you have to do is position yourself to be that interesting topic. If you do that, the blog post should almost write itself.

How to “be interesting”

What counts as interesting to a blogger really depends on what they blog about. For example, a blog like Thanet Creative would find the news of your literature event fascinating but if you were having a sale on cars, that would not.

Just existing is unlikely to be interesting but something new, timely, quirky, or fresh probably will be. For example:

  • When you hold an opening.
  • A new product launch.
  • An event such as a fundraiser.
  • Offers or special deals.
  • An achievement or award.

Step One – Research

Step one is to do a bit of research and find out which bloggers write about topics that might relate to your business. Blogs like Thanet Star have a broad interest in anything connected to the area whereas others are a wee bit more specialised.

Try to identify which blogs best match what you have to offer. If you fill people’s inbox with things they find irrelevant they will quickly learn to ignore you.

Step Two – Write the story

Effectively what you are doing is putting out a simple press release. Start with why, right now, the story might be of interest to other people. Try to sum up the story in a single sentence. Then expand on that with a few quotes from yourself or others connected to the business.

The whole thing need not be that long. It just needs to convey exactly why this is interesting.

Traditionally people put “for immediate release” at the top of a press release but these days that is pretty much implied. You can skip that part if you want.

Step Three – Extra information

At the end of the story, you need to add just a little more information. A contact address and phone number, for example. I’d also add some background information about yourself – how long the business has been running, what you offer, where you can be found, opening hours, that sort of thing. A diligent blogger may like to use this information to flesh out the story with their own research so help them out with what they need.

Whatever else you include, definitely include a link where more information can be found. Ideally your website and Facebook page. With a little luck, these links will be included int he blog post and readers can come directly to you after they have read the post.

Step Four – Attach some pictures

When you email your story (or PM it via Facebook) include some images that your chosen bloggers can freely use with their blog post. Trust me on this, finding images that can be used legitimately with a post is really time-consuming.

Step Five – Send it

Send the story out to your chosen bloggers. Introduce yourself and explain that you have something interesting to share.

If you have done a good job of the first four steps the bloggers you have contacted should be delighted. They will have an easy to write blog post or at the very least, a lead for researching one (about your and your business).

As a blogger, I can assure you that it makes my day when a story comes along ready formed like that. If you are available to chat (say via Facebook) that really can seal the deal.

This post came about due to chatting with one of the organisers. I think we both walked away from that chat delighted with the outcome.

Further reading

Making the most of Thanet’s blogs can be a win-win proposition for you and the bloggers. Here is some more advice on crafting a nice easy to use press release.

I look forward to hearing more about all the interesting things going on around Thanet.

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