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Your snow pics

Snow means gleeful joy for some while others react in horror. Here are your pics, links, and comments about the Thanet snow. Mixed reaction to...

Photos from GEEK 2018

The Game Expo East Kent – GEEK – took place at Dreamland this weekend. Here are some photos of the event and a hint of...

Beware Technical Support Scam

Please do not let yourself become the victim of scam technical support scam calls. Over the last few days, I have received five such calls. It...

Right wing council slashes tourism budget

The heavily right-wing district council has, we have learned, slashed the Margate tourism budget. According to a Facebook update from Labour councillor, Iris Johnston, UKIP...

UKIP Civil War

Thanet UKIP appears to be engaged in an internal civil war. Almost half of the UKIP councillors at Thanet District Council have formally withdrawn from the...

Thanet Writing group announce blogging awards

Thanet based writers’ charity Thanet Creative have announced a series of awards for bloggers. The Awesome Blogger Awards aims to reward Thanet’s bloggers for “cooperative blogging” something...

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