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What would make Thanet’s local news more balanced?

We asked you if you felt Thanet’s local news was balanced and fair or biased and skewed. Most of you said that you felt the news was biased and skewed.

I rather fear that the underlying cause of any bias in local reporting is down to a paucity of news sources. News in print is run by a single company these days. Online news is slightly better. There’s us at Thanet Star, The Isle of Thanet News, the online version of the print news, and a few other blogs.

That lack is part of why I find Kathy’s Isle of Thanet news blog so exciting. Her journalistic background has enabled her to bring a level of reporting to her blog that I simply don’t know how to achieve. If I did, I would have done so. I’d love to know how she does it.

While I might not know how to cover the news quite to Kathy’s level the survey left me wondering. Is there some way that I could bring more balance to news coverage in Thanet? Is that something I am able to do? If I am how would I do it?

The more I thought about that question the more I started to wonder what the nature of the bias in local news reporting might be. In the end, I felt that I had over thought the question but gotten nowhere with it.

I figured that I would simply open the floor to our readers. Perhaps a discussion and some input from you fine people might help me figure this out.

  • Is local reporting really biased?
  • If so, in what way is it biased?
  • Are there issues that are not covered well, or excluded?
  • What issues or points of view do you feel need better attention?
  • What, if anything, could Thanet Star do to redress the balance?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. I should mention that I did forget to mention some of the ultra-local indi print titles like Thanet Watch etc..

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